Retirement talk: A few things to save up for

There are more people excited about retirement than one might come to expect. Why? Retirement is seen as freedom from all the responsibilities that come with being a worker bee. As long as it’s well-prepared for, retirement can be paradise. It can be a series of adventures that people will never forget. But yes, the trick is financial planning. Once a person has saved enough, retirement can be treated like hitting the lottery.

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One of the most fun parts of retirement is that retirees have all the time in the world to do what they’ve always wanted to do. Traveling is often on top of that list. With enough money saved up, they can finally visit places they’ve only dreamed of.

Another activity that attracts a lot of retirees is studying. Yes. Believe it or not, a huge percentage of retirees have confessed to having one great frustration – not being able to study what they’ve always wanted to study. Be it oil painting or playing the saxophone, retirement affords people time and opportunity to learn.

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But of course, all these things pale in comparison to the time spent with loved ones. Retirees can book flights or cruises with their families. They can even take their children and grandchildren to the nearest theme parks.

Again, retirement isn’t a drag – if people prepare for it financially.

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Sound Perspectives To Avoid Financial Risks With Your Retirement Money

It’s easy to get lured by the plethora of enticing investment packages in the market. But a close study of one’s starting financial situation is key for any retiree hoping to gain future-proof security and stability. Here are some considerations before diving into the market and risking your hard-earned retirement money.
First, be familiar with taxes. Your IRA rollover may look like a lot of money on paper, but many retirees fail to account for tax deductions. Take time to compute the actual amount that you have to devote for any investment venture. Keep this in mind: if you’re in the US, taxes are unlikely to go down anytime soon given the country’s trillion-dollar debt.
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Keep tabs and weigh both your assets and your expenses. Do not overvalue your holdings and downplay the expenses. Always think of assets in terms of liquidation value, and how the ration of asset-expenses will look like in the next few years. Drawing money from your principal regularly is a bad sign; you must address this quickly so that expenses come from income. If this means letting go of a property just to get back to a cash-flow plateau, then so be it.
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Lastly, always think in the long term. Have a clear picture of how your portfolio will fare in terms of both performance and composition further down the line, say, in five years. This might mean being familiar with the risks or volatility that you are willing to take vis-à-vis the projected cash growth for sustainability. For example, consider fixed annuity over the typical bonds, stocks, and cash options.
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A Lesson On Retirement: The Future Problems Created Today

It is simply a part of human nature to be reactive instead of proactive. This has led to a lot of undesirable consequences in later life. There are some ways to which people have not prepared for retirement quite well enough.

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The first mistake that people actually make in their youth is not watching what they eat. For a young person, taking in ridiculously huge amounts of fat and sugar seems to be the norm nowadays, the food portions have become bigger than they ever were, and it’s no longer uncommon to avail of servings that offer up to two thousand calories in one sitting. People eat unhealthily, and they tend to do this as a way of life.

There has also been a number of people who have developed the habit of spending unnecessarily on a multitude of things that they don’t need. They end up owning a lot of things and only a few practical investments.

Sadly, such people are also the ones who don’t even consider making plans even as they approach retirement. There is this myth that says that when people get to be older, they shouldn’t make any steps to invest anymore. That may be true to some extreme, but age is a wide spectrum.

The fact is, even if you are near retirement, you can still make sound investments. This would be a wise move, especially if you did not eat right in your youth and you spent a significant amount of money on useless things.

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Retirement will come eventually, but it can be less problematic with good investments today.

Andrew Corbman is the founder of ASC Financial, Inc., which specializes in investment planning and wealth management advising services for prospective retirees. For more information on retirement planning, visit this website.